SE 1000 Card Pinter



SMART EVOL 1000 desktop machines are made « MADE IN France » with care, craftsmanship, and the latest smart technologies. The strength, performance and reliability of every SMART EVOL 1000 are based on three things that make up the heart of our technology.

  • modular structure completely and easily configurable
  • efficient plug and play system to adjust to your needs
  • compact size and modularity make it ideal for limited space
  • personalize small smart card series (1 chip, 2 chips, 4 chips)
  • manage cards remakes
  • perform quality controls
  • validate processes before they are released for mass production. SE1000 for ID applications

SE1000 for ID applications

Laser module with a MPIX laser
o 3 watts, 10 watts, 20 watts from MPIX
o 2 sides printing
o Can print greyscale images, photos, text data, vector, barcodes 1D/2D/QR/PDF 417, ghost images, tactile elements, …
o Various options: chip encoding, vision inspection ..

Minimizes the cost/card ratio

o No consumables
o No need to use laser overlay when using polycarbonate cards

Provides a high level of security and durability

o Text is engraved into the card surface, making irreversible changes
of the card substrate and making the text impossible to remove
o Data printed on cards can last as long as 10 years or more

Flexibility, convenience

o Supports various fonts, various characters (Chinese, etc …)
o Can print Photos, images, logos, signatures, text, barcodes …
o Can print various effects:
✓ Curves
✓ Microtext
✓ Tactile effect
✓ Ghost images


o Command module
o Input module, storing up to 250 cards
o Magnetic stripe, Track ISO 1, 2 & 3, write/verify
o Chip encoding
• Contact, contactless, dual interface
• Single chip or multiple chips
• Micropross, Smartware or other couplers
o Laser printing
• MPIX fiber laser 3 watts, 10 watts, 20
• Can print text, barcodes, photos and
other images
• Can print on both sides
• Foba and Rofin lasers also available, up
to 50 watts
• CO2 and UV laser on request
o Vision inspection
o Resonance frequency measurement & test
o Card antenna deflection detection
o SIM card punching module, for SIM cards
o Output module, storing up to 250 cards
o Card reject module

The Smart Evol 1000 includes a basic software allowing defining the production set ups, managing different kind of batches, recording production statistics, and testing the system. Proprietary chip encoding applications can be developed using a SDK.


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